The new experiential meeting space is all about interactivity, connectivity, collaboration, privacy and comfort. Our Scottsdale Private Venues Offer An Exceptional Unique And Private Experience. As opposed to disallowing parties and gatherings, we applaud them.

Better yet, our Scottsdale Corporate Event planners will support you turn an idea into an extraordinary event and make sure the whole enchilada runs smoothly so you can enjoy the party. 

We understand that each and every one of our clients is unique, so every one of our events is too. We tailor our events to meet our clients’ specific requirements, transforming our venues to meet the needs of each occasion. A full service production company producing every distinctive nut and bolt of impactful moments, Karen and her crew bring about notable gatherings for corporate and social clients alike. We are Event Professionals let us create a captivating corporate event concept and produce an Implement a blueprint that will set you on a path for victory well in advance of your event. The Hottest Craze: Industrial-Style Spaces. Industrial- chic spaces are one of this year’s greatest trends in the events industry. These edgy venues make a courageous statement and bring guests together in fresh and exciting ways. Exposed brickwork, steel beams and innovative fixtures (complete with peeling paint) construct an genuine backdrop for a meticulously urban affair. Industrial venues are jam-packed with character and have colorful pasts that help create buzz around an event.

These spaces are in high demand for social gala’s, product launches, incentive events, experiential events and of course corporate events.My clients such as Accenture Matchplay, Super Bowl, Playboy, ESPN, AIG, Young Presidents, Lego, TeamSports, RedBull, NFL, MLB, George Straight Golf, JDRF, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, BMX, Arabian Patrons, NIKE, Security Traders Association, Curt Schilling Shade Foundation.

At Venues of North Scottsdale we consistently create visually stunning events sure to leave a long-lasting impression for your guests. Long after the event is over people remember the experience. Our company culture is as unique as the venues we offer. From first contact our team members work closely with your stakeholders to visualize your custom event design then maintain a collaborative approach through every phase of pre-production until show day. We provide absolutely everything, from audiovisual services to HD video, set design to room décor, state of the art lighting, soft LED curtains and more.   By keeping up with trends and technology we can wow your guests beyond measure.  For optimum results we place only expert designers and technical engineers on the job. As a result we consistently deliver highly rated event experiences.

Operationally we pride ourselves on our quick response time, quality logistics, and value for every dollar spent. We are confident that you will find our pricing to be intelligent, our service to be excellent, and our processes to be especially client-centric. Our clients have shared that their experiences with us do not compare to other production companies in the business and the reason is simple.  We have been producing over the top, groundbreaking events for years and love doing so!

Incentive Travel / Incentive

A form of group travel, paid by companies to reward their top performers or customers by sending them on unforgettable trips of a few days’ duration. Incentive events are always ‘live’/in-person events.

Brand Engagement Event

A Live, entertainment event with the implicit objective of creating a closer bond between the consumer and the brand. Brand engagement events are invaluable part of the marketing strategy of any brand. They usually take place at lively and public outdoor locations (public squares, popular shopping streets, parks, popular meeting venues) or indoor venues (shopping malls, supermarkets).

Corporate Party

An entertainment event organized by a company/organisation for its employers, partners and/or important clients. Its main objective is strengthening brand loyalty and enhancing brand engagement. It’s typical for big companies and enterprises and usually includes a dinner or a cocktail, and an entertainment part or interesting activities.

Product Launch

An event or sequence of events arranged to introduce a new product to the market. Its main objective is to attract attention to a new product and to make sales. It could be compared to a “grand opening” of the product to the public and is important part of the marketing strategy of any product. Product launches are ‘live’ events which usually incorporate entertainment element for the audience. They happen at lively public venues whether outdoor or indoor such as: center squares, popular shopping streets, parks (outdoors); shopping malls, supermarkets (indoors) etc.

Awards Ceremony

“A formal occasion at which prizes are given to honour achievement in a particular field” Oxford Dictionaries. Usually, awards ceremonies are public and formal events, gathering a lot of media attention and publicity. Famous examples: Academy Awards (also known as the Oscars); Grammy Awards; Nobel Prize; etc. However, award ceremonies might also be internal, private events, for example, award ceremonies within companies/organisations for recognising employees’ achievements. An award ceremony could be a separate event or part of a bigger event.

Experiential Event

A live/in-person event designed to create engaging, memorable and fun experiences in order to establish a closer bond between the consumers and a brand. It takes place at lively and public outdoor locations (center squares, popular shopping streets, popular parks, popular meeting venues) or indoor venues (shopping malls, supermarkets).

Fundraising Event / Fundraiser / Fundraising Benefits

A special event aiming to collect money or other resources in order to support a charity campaign, a cause or an organization. They could have different formats: from charity auctions to informal gatherings or dinner parties. Fundraising events are often (but not only) organized by non-governmental organisations.

Networking Event

An event, specially designed for the purpose of building relationships and/or creating new contacts among individuals or groups of people that share a common interest. Networking events usually fall into one of two categories: social or business. Business networking events have the implicit objective to form professional relationships that may boost one’s business or employment prospects.

A networking event may be planned as a group gathering, for example: association networking event or as a gathering of individuals with mutual interests, for example: speed-date; buyers-sellers events. Networking events are also often a part of other events such as conferences, conventions, trainings, etc.


“A social event at which a group of people meet to talk, eat, drink, dance, etc., often in order to celebrate a special occasion” Cambridge Dictionary

There are all kinds of parties according to the occasion and/or the theme of the party: a dinner party, a birthday party, a bachelor’s party, a black-and-white party, a Halloween party, a corporate party etc.

Personal Events

A private, by invitation-only, social event that celebrates personal, life-cycle events. These are most commonly events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, bachelors parties, hen’s parties /bridal showers, christenings etc.


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