Scottsdale Private Event Venues. We know what keeps you up at night. It’s the details. We’re all about the details. We understand and appreciate the expectations and respect the investment. That’s why we work closely with our clients to help them realize their vision.

Each of Our Scottsdale Private Venues Offer An Exceptional Unique And Private

The Best Large Capacity Venues in Scottsdale We welcome events, weddings, parties, reunions, shindigs…you name it we are the coolest hippest venues in North Scottsdale!

Experience. As opposed to disallowing parties and gatherings, we applaud them. Better yet, our Scottsdale Corporate Event planners will support you turn an idea into an extraordinary event and make sure the whole enchilada runs smoothly so you can enjoy the party. Outsiders and meandering hotel guests during a reception, reunion, or sumptuous event just don’t mix well. At one of our private Scottsdale Venues you won’t have another tipsy guest wander over and will never have to compete for a spot at your own private bar. Venues of North Scottsdale offer extreme privacy with no foot traffic!
Guidelines are unavoidable; however, how many rules is what matters. We’ve found hotels and resorts to often hand clients an complete book of rules and limitations before planning of the corporate event has even begun. When it comes to private venues, you’re do business with people, not brochures or rule books. So, while safeguarding our venues is of our topmost importance, we’ll not ever freak you out with files of limitations and fine print.
 The Best Large Capacity Venues in Scottsdale We welcome events, weddings, parties, reunions, shindigs…you name it we are the coolest hippest venues in North Scottsdale!

Corporate events as well as Experiential events are growing in popularity and are well-suited to industrial-style spaces. Event planners are beginning to bring the creativity of the pop-up concept to their events, hosting one-of-a-kind event experiences in warehouses, garages and converted factories. Great benefits of hosting an attention-grabbing experiential event include improved brand perception, increased word-of-mouth marketing and better attendee engagement.

On the search for a venue, but don’t require it to provide catering, staffing or extras? Why not go dry hire? By renting a space as an empty shell, you’ll have the liberty to create your perfect event.  Dry hire venues are blank canvases that allow you to make a space your own. If elements are your thing, then supplementing a personal touch by sourcing your preferred vendor, decor and so on, will really help your corporate event stand out from the pack.

It’s no surprise that choosing the right space can make or break an event. And though there are venues that can cater to your every need, there are also times when a sophisticated level of flexibility and control is desirable. Whether you’re planning a hard-hitting product launch or big bat mitzvah bash, dry hire corporate venues give you free control to go with your choice of suppliers and bring your vision to life.

Corporate Jet Hangars

Every space is unique in its size, flooring, height, location and amenities

If you are seeking privacy and maximum personalization we are an unparalleled experience located in North Scottsdale Arizona.  Our Scottsdale Hangar Events are located in the heart of the city’s business area and in close proximity to the Phoenix and Scottsdale Metro area. Our Jet Hangars range from 3500 to 35,000 square feet and have looks from urban to flawlessly finished with many amenities not generally located in this kind of venue. The privacy factor is unquestionably a big draw as well—in a private exclusive venue you can have the location all to yourself.  The hangars boast over 30 foot ceilings, accommodates 100 to 2500 seated for dinner, and provide a dramatic backdrop to any experiential event. The open space and the high ceilings with exposed rafters lend opportunity for event planners to create a fully customized and unique atmosphere, unlike any ballroom could provide.

Lusso Luxury Fine Car Showrooms

Are you craving something extraordinary, entirely unique and extremely elegant for your next corporate or business event?


The history and background of our brand. The why. The heart.

The richest affections are born out of meaningful experiences. The carpenter’s son is drawn to the scent of sawdust. The child of a sailor longs to return to the salty sea air. Here at Lusso, the passion lies in the heady atmosphere of fresh motor oil, while studying the curves of a Ferrari, or the symphony of 12 cylinders singing in harmony— all with a thirsty quest for the narrative behind them. These are the deep roots of Lusso.

This is the place where adrenaline, steering wheels, and our love of story are passed onto you. Walking into a haven where each car is revered for it’s unique history, character and detail. We passionately pursue fine automobiles that embody the rich heritage they deserve. At Lusso, we don’t sweat the details of all things automotive, instead we absorb them.

In addition if you share our passion for the art and provenance of fine motorcars, you should discover Lusso. 20,000 of luxurious space in North Scottsdale.

Because The Road Less Traveled Leads To Remarkable Treasure.

El Samaritano Event Venue

Corporate events as well as Experiential events are growing in popularity and are well-suited to industrial-style spaces.

Therefore this magnificent Desert venue delivers a remarkable event experience

With that said this breathtaking Sonora Desert venue delivers a remarkable corporate event experience for groups as small as 200 to large events over 3000. Our venue is the best choice for all corporate event planners and destination management companies looking for that exceptional venue. If you are having a corporate event, desert cookout, private concert, envision the exquisiteness of the Scottsdale Arizona sunsets and soaring saguaros as the background to your event.

El Sam is a fabulous PRE Andalusian Horse Facility with some of the most beautiful horses you have ever seen. A distinctive desert setting and surroundings makes it a one of kind experience.

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