Butta Cakes of Scottsdale

It is the simple [pleasures in life !

Our 4″ Butta Cake is our signature cake, however it inspired us to create the perfect bite size Butta Babies.

The Butta Cakes are great for dinners, events or cheat days. Our Butta Babies in a resealable bag are great anytime. Butta Cakes all started in my small kitchen. I was given a challenge by a friend to make a butter cake for a dinner party.  So I collected the finest ingredient’s possible and began the process. Over a short period of time I finally perfected my recipe and the cake was a dinner party success.  Soon everyone wanted one and Butta Cakes was born. The product makes the cake. Therefore we will not use anything but the highest quality ingredients for our Butta Cakes.

The butta comes from grass fed cows milk, which is imported.

We also do not use preservatives. One taste and you will see there is no other cake like Butta Cakes.

If you want the tastiest and most unique cupcake you will ever eat this is the place to be. Amazing food as well. Fresh and prepared with love. Great place to visit with the kids.

I am so in love with this amazing dessert…..I can’t express enough how awesome Butta Cakes are. Skip making dessert for your next party and order these! Your friends will appreciate your amazing find!

I tried the red velvet and vanilla at a house party I attended. WOW! Absolutely delicious! Not too sweet, and just perfectly moist. I cannot wait to have some more!

The holidays are fast approaching. Impress your guest or surprise a host with a 4” Butta Cake or few dozen small Butta Cakes. Order now to compliment that turkey dinner.

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