Event staging just for Rock Stars

Event staging just for Rock Stars… not so. There are high quality that take the pounding of live events and provide a stable foundation for your performers. We have invested in the best available to provide a smooth clean area that is rock solid for your performers. Our gear has been used by many national artists on tours and festivals. Don’t get stuck with an inferior stage, our equipment can go to any height needed and maintain a rock solid platform for your event.

It is our specialty. Whether you are planning a private party, a product launch, a festival or fashion show, or a major concert tour, no one does it better.

We plan and install staging installations of all sizes and configurations, featuring Wenger Vision Staging products. Wenger Vision Staging is flexible, sturdy and efficient to install. It is the gold standard in the staging industry and WPG provides it at a highly affordable price. Don’t settle for less


  • Wenger Vision Staging
    • Solid
    • Clear
  • Wenger Versalite Staging & Risers
  • Safeway Systems Scaffold
  • Action Systems Scaffold

It takes a lot of different components to create a great event. In addition to high quality staging, structures and tents, VNS offers a full range of event support products and accessories. We own and maintain an impressive inventory of these products at our warehouse.

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