Bringing Events To Life With Marx Productions. Venues of North Scottsdale will maximize the impact of your event using the latest technology from inception to completion, from the bottom up, your experience, built your way! 

Transform your space, dazzle their senses and deliver a phenomenal experience.  Invest in custom Audio/Visual production to set your event apart, elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression with professional sound, lighting and special effects. 

Marx Productions Inc., known for bringing the WOW factor to live events, will help you create a custom show from inception to execution.  With nearly 20 years of experience, Marx Productions produces all types of events from galas, concerts and exclusive private functions to keynote meetings, conferences, trade shows and national product launches.  Whether indoors or out, Marx Productions adds that magical touch, leaving attendees in awe of the details and creativity.

You dream it, Marx produces it

Marx collaborates with each client to develop a custom experience.  Our team will present design ideas and recommend impactful visual and sound elements.  All experiences are created in-house from custom set design and decor to videography and editing.  Marx Productions owns its show equipment and updates inventory monthly.

Highly skilled technicians deliver stress-free production

On-site crew members call the show in a seamless fashion and adapt to changes flawlessly. Project managers pro-actively plan and are ready for many unforeseen challenges.  Whether your event has 100 people to 10,000+ Marx Productions has the team of technical experts to pull out all the stops.

Clients have included Fortune 500 companies, premier sports organizations, nationwide DMCs, healthcare organizations, non-profits, government entities and more. 

State-of-the-Art Audio/Visual Equipment & Design Decor:

Intelligent Lighting

Concert Quality Sound

LED Walls

Video Projection/Mapping/I-Mag

Screens & Oversized Screens with Visual Blends

Scenic Décor

Stage Sets & Draping


Comprehensive Services:

Site inspections

Full Color Renderings/Diagrams

Graphics Productions & Editing

Communication with Venue

Custom Fabrication

Event Design

Most noteworthy, Marx is the preferred Audio/Visual Production vendor to Scottsdale Private Event Venues aka Venues in North Scottsdale.


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