Tips to Organize Your Company’s Events at an Airplane Hangar

Scottsdale Airpark makes a perfect place for organizing any event for your business. Nothing is more motivational to the attendees as walking out into a packed hangar through the huge Airplane hangar doors. You will have the space for thousands of employees and in fact, members of the senior management flying in from different states will be able to park their private jets straight into the party!

Let’s have a look at a few of the reasons company events in an Airplane hangar are quite fabulous!

1.     The WOW-Effect

All your guests will be smitten at the sight of the huge Airplane hangar waiting to welcome them! You can easily create the wow-effect that is so seldom achieved in most business gatherings. Especially, if you have guests from the State department, Congressmen or other Guests of Honor, you will be able to impress them through one event that would be life changing for you and your company!

2.     Room for All Kinds of Entertainment

The hangar provides an excellent opportunity to arrange for any and all kinds of event décor and entertainment that you would like to use. For instance, you can set up a huge stage for a live band, orchestra or even a concert.

You can set up a huge circular bar in the centre and still have room for a front stage for an award ceremony, a musical gala or even a dance mania! Your guests will absolutely love the centre-bar!

In fact, the Scottsdale Private Event Venues can provide war birds, jets and the planes of VIPs as decoration in the event. During an award ceremony, attendees can applaud the award winners climbing down the ramp of a beautiful jet! Imagine showing these pictures to your grandchildren!

3.     Taking Your Event to a New Height

Hangar events are popular among the majority of corporate managers because they offer once in a life time opportunities. The large space available to the company adds the benefit of arranging many exciting options to the event. For instance, you can organize an open mic singing event on one corner of the hangar while on the other side a dance competition can ensue among the employees.

What can be better than small, fun competitions to make your event even better! You can develop attributes of team building, coordination and establish a flat structure of communication among the employees through such events.

Imagine an AVP level officer going head to head in a musical with one of the new members of your team! It can be a means of recognition and establishing mutual respect among the attendees of the event, not to mention the loads of fun you’ll have!

Venues in North Scottsdale is your first choice if you are looking for a suitable hangar for your company’s grand event, gala or an award night for the hard working members of your team. You will not only get the hangar you need but also the jets you choose for décor and the catering of your exact choice. Contact us now for arranging the best event your company has ever seen!

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