Tips for Catering for Your Business Conference

Organizing your first business conference? Don’t know where to begin? Catering of course!

This is the only part of a business conference that is most looked forward to by every individual attending it. Therefore, it must be dealt with carefully and considerations of the majority of the crowd have to be taken into account.

Food is that one thing that everyone will remember after the conference no matter how well the presentation of the senior managers regarding their branding policy seemed. That’s what makes this one of the most difficult areas to manage.

Let’s have a look a few of the things that must be considered while catering for your business conference.

1.     Be Diverse in Your Food Choices

In a business conference, you will be catering to hundreds of employees at the same time making it rather impossible for you to know the preferences of each of these. The smart option is to keep a variety of things on the table so that everyone attending the conference has multiple options open to them. For instance, drinks other than tea and coffee, especially natural juices should be available for those who do not drink caffeine.

For menu items, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items should be on the table so that everyone can eat without worrying about their diet plans. Some people are diabetics so you should keep some sugar-free items on the menu too to make sure they don’t have to starve themselves during the full day conference.

2.     Make Sure You Only Take Local Flavors

Your menu should comprise of items that are available locally and people are familiar with these foods. Otherwise, you will be faced with the issue of people not trying much of anything and most of the menu going to waste.

3.     Several Finger Foods

Your menu should have several finger foods that people can enjoy as snacks, such as zinger strips or chicken strips with variety of sauces. The finger foods add flavor and color to the dining table. They don’t create much mess and majority of the people love devouring them!

4.     Hassle Free Dining Arrangements

The dining arrangements should be such that everyone can eat with ease. For instance, many companies hold a buffet around which people can stand and continue their meal. However, it is a good idea to keep the participants seated and food is served to them on the tables.

Moreover, some conferences only have china or glass dishes leaving the participants looking for a place to leave these once they are done. Business conferences should use throw-away dishes so that everyone who finished eating can throw these away easily.

5.     Don’t Forget the Desserts

Again, there should be a variety of sweets on the table, not just cookies. Different sorts of truffles, pastries and fudge should be a part of the final course of the meal so that the participants have a unique and full dining experience

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