Tried Roxx™ Vodka

A million dollar recipe for a priceless vodka.

No good story ever began “We were eating kale and…”.  Neither does the story of Roxx™.

Roxx™ was forged in a multi-million dollar fraud. A fraudster traveled around the United States selling investments in second mortgages.  He was fronted by some of the nation’s largest mortgage firms. Our heroine, Angie Nielsen, was one of the trust deed investors.  Angie came to the quick realization it was all a sham.  Angie worked all angles to make a recovery. As the fraudster burned the money on his lifestyle a financial recovery was unlikely. Angie had heard him tell of a legendary recipe for an utterly unique vodka.  Through patience, good sleuthing and gaining the man’s confidence, he shared the secret and elusive recipe. It was only after she obtained the recipe she turned her records on the fraudster over to the FBI.

Angie took the secret unique four-grain recipe to several craft distillers in the United States.

The large craft distilleries could not authentically replicate the proper mixing and cooking of the grains. The smaller distilleries were unable to distill the volume required.  It was only after a year-long search she happened on a legendary craft distiller in Poland, where over 500 years of tradition and experience married both quality and quantity required.  Roxx™ was born.

Roxx™ got its name from Angie’s desire for the fraudster to make little rocks out of big rocks in the Big House. The Roxx™ name could have come from the truly difficult obstacles in Angie’s way or maybe Roxx™ was just a cool name.

Roxx™ was launched with a 92 Tasting’s rating, and Angie’s, Nielsen Spirits, Inc. (NSI) a homegrown Arizona company, had signed several nationwide liquor distribution agreements. The celebration was cut short. NSI was sued by none other than Exxon, at the time the nation’s third-largest company.  Exxon felt that the XX’s in Roxx™ could be confusing with the XX’s in Exxon.  All distributors canceled their agreement.  After taking three huge steps forward, litigation forced five steps back.  The litigation was agonizingly slow – and even though a quick settlement was offered, it took over two years to finalize.

Angie has built and sold two successful businesses.  She has no fear of hard work, none the less it took some soul searching and an agonizing time in the business wilderness but Angie is back.  Roxx™ is now more of a diamond formed under the heat and pressure tied to launching and relaunching your own business.  Roxx™ is truly an outstanding and New Classic Vodka ™.  Roxx™ and Angie are back, better than ever, with a newly designed bottle and a reinvigorated vitality. It is good news for great storytellers because Roxx™ is still a dangerously smooth Vodka.


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