If you long for a seashore marriage ceremony with tropical weather, sun-kissed shores and celestial waters don’t call us !

One and all expect a church wedding, but jaws might drop (optimistically, in the best way imaginable) when your friends realize your wedding will be held in a pimped out hangar.

The focus is shifting from traditional ceremonies to lavish experiences. Regular bridal parties, garter lobbing,  Smashing cake in his face? Traditional wedding practices aren’t for everyone. In fact, they’re even becoming outdated.

There is something that feels so good about the one-finger salute to the customary idea of a wedding while still commemorating a special day.  If your Non Traditional wedding is getting under the skin of friends and family who were dreaming about a slice of nine-tier cake, toe that line it is your day. Having your dream wedding your way may not please all but you can bet they’ll change their mind when they see you arrive in a Sabercat Helicopter or a Ferrari?

Are you a Non-Traditional Bride? Just a little edgy!

The upcoming wedding venue trend is embracing the non-traditional vibe. Now, people are not using old-fashioned banquet venues but uniting venues that are unusual, i.e. an event on the tarmac, taking over a hangar, setting up huge ornate setups on our helipad or even taking over a private showroom to have an opulent private event!

Scottsdale is the one-stop venue for all the to be wed couples looking for some adventurous excursions and a whole lot of indulgence. The most unique wedding venues in Scottsdale no more snore-worthy chapels or hotel ballrooms:

Is your fiance’ a pilot? Is your future bride a muscle car buff? Does the idea of a church wedding bore both of you to death? Did you meet on an amazing trip or at an airport? Do you both have that bug and just love to travel? Do you love hot cars? Are you into airplane rides? Are you marrying a Pilot! It does not matter as long as Love is the air! What a fabulous way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials than with us at one of our dazzling hangars!

Ever considered marrying your best friend at an airport?♥

How about a fabulous collector car venue? ♥

Arrive or leave your wedding in our Helicopter for a once in a lifetime experience! ♥

We have extensive experience in planning and producing seamlessly executed wedding parties

Our venues include luxury auto showrooms, helicopters, and private jet hangars that offer flexible and affordable options to suit a variety of needs at any budget. With large open floor space ranging from 3,500 square feet to 30,000 square feet, air conditioning (available in select hangars), restrooms (available in select hangars), raw industrial elements and versatile indoor and outdoor entertaining options our hangars provide the ultimate blank canvas designed to let you create the wedding or rehearsal dinner you’ve always dreamed of.

SPEV’s in-house wedding planner will guide you through all the details to ensure that every aspect of your special day meets your highest expectations.  From design details to day-of management, our services are limitless, our creativity is revolutionary and our attention to detail is unparalleled.

Our culinary team consists of some of the most innovative, passionate chefs in Arizona who have built an unrivaled reputation for quality, creativity, and attention to detail.  We offer a wide array of menus to choose from or will schedule a time for you to meet with our chefs to discuss custom options.  Our menus feature locally sourced ingredients and our kitchens are zero-waste which allows us to execute exceptional events while maintaining a commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.

When the After Party Is a Wedding Must

An after-party is a new venue where your wedding guests go to resume the celebration after the reception.

These days, guests trek in from all over the country for the big day; thus they want to have a chance to socialize past the 10 o’clock hour. Your friends are night owls, and you recognize they’ll be exploring for a place to party after that last dance, why not plan a lively, cool venue to carry on the celebration.

The Wedding Reception may be over but that does not mean the party has to end.

The most remarkable remembrances transpire when everyone is high from the joy of celebration and is relaxed enough to let loose, which is exactly why so many couples are now integrating late-night after-party into their wedding. You are so harried with all the matters that are required you do that the after-party offers a chance for some great time with friends. Think of your after-party as a chance to eat, drink, and be merry with the friends who have been by your side from your first date to your first dance.

At Scottsdale Private Event Wedding Venues, the sky is the limit!

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