We run with inspired people 

An artistic group who are intriguing and original, with high energy and they love to create

To bring great concepts to life involves both inspired design and clever planning. Our Divinity Event Lighting and  White Tie Production team brings together an assorted range of talents to focus on each thought of a task. We’re thrilled to work with carefully selected production companies that have a wealth of experience across a wide range of events, … audio, video, and rigging to projects of all sizes. Technology by its self does not mean a fabulous event, the team you use does! This is your baby your year or 2 of hard 24/7 work don’t hand it to a B Player. You have built your status on this one event let us make it make you a Rock Star!

After careful event planning comes the actual show day where the Event Coordinator gets to work with our Event Production Manager and their team to create a spectacular affair. We provide absolutely everything, from Audio Visual Services to Video, Set to room décor, state of the art lighting to full concert staging. We take pride in our results. If you have an event, no matter what kind, contact us! We have been putting on historical ground-breaking events for decades. We can provide our clients with an experience unparalleled by any other production company in the business. We offer the most client-centric approach when collaborating with your vision and deciding what can really be done with the latest technology.

Our goal is to leave a lasting impression

 We have worked with many Fortune 500 companies, Sports Agencies, Fashion Shows and Trade Shows, Rock Concerts and National Brand Product Launches. Here you will find our professional achievements, showing you that no matter what your event is, Scottsdale Private Event Venues can help your dream become a reality.

With our full line of Audio Visual Equipment, including HD Video, Sound, Staging, and Lighting services, we use the latest technology to make your event shine! Audio Equipment and the ability to be heard crisply and succinctly is key to any event. Our expertly engineered audio reinforcement packages are custom designed for your event in your venue for your size audience and room layout. We use pro audio and staging to construct the foundation of a world-class experience. After adding lighting and LCD displays and sound systems, your audience is left with a jaw-dropping production experience.

Presenting a powerful staging design, with just the right lighting colors and angles to enhance presenters and décor on stage, will maximize the impact of your program. Our carefully designed lighting will illuminate your venue, as well as your live and recorded video images on the screen, to deliver your message and captivate your audience. Video Production is a key component for people who want to incorporate video into their event.

Contact one of our project managers today to find out what we can do for your event.

Our services include, but not limited to:
-Event concept and design
-Projection Mapping
-Concert Sound
-Power Distribution
-Audio Visual
-Video Mapping
-Sound reinforcement
-Hybrid Meetings
-Virtual Events
-Lighting and Lighting design
-Internet and Network
-Staging and Staging Design
-HD Video and I-Mag
-Power Distribution
-LED Walls
-CAD and Room Layouts
-PowerPoint Production
-Event Music (walk in, walk up, etc.)
-Post Event Video Conversion
-Audio Visual Designs
-Live Streaming

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