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Planning your company’s corporate retreat? Just the words “corporate retreat” invoke images of boring ballrooms covered in industrial -grade carpeting with stick straight chairs and bitter cold coffee. Instead of booking hotel rooms and a training room, consider renting a luxury home to bring your team closer together. Create legitimate bonds and increase efficiency while enjoying an affluent, private and luxurious setting.

Inspire your team 

If you are considering hosting a more private corporate retreat, with one and all under the same roof, El Palacio offers all the convenience of a home with the privacy of separate bedrooms.  No two rooms or living spaces of El Palacio Arizona are alike.

Effective Executive Retreats With Haute Dokimazo

Haute Dokimazo is an award-winning participant-driven way of meeting, sharing and learning.  Through thoughtful collaboration design, “HD” fosters a peer-to-peer environment in an unconference format. Haute Dokimazo is an award-winning participant-driven way of meeting, sharing and learning. Through thoughtful collaboration design, “HD” fosters a peer-to-peer environment in an unconference format.

It’s a Spontaneous Think Tank!

You will be in awe the moment you walk through the grand entry doors to the opulent main living room. As you explore the rest of the property and each area of this amazing mansion, you will find that each room provides a different feel and unique experience.

An exclusive location, focused, detail-oriented team, magnificent accommodations, and plentiful amenities enable El Palacio to design a plush retreat experience for your management team or board of directors.

Involve people in decisions instead of talking at them

Holding a corporate event at El Palacio provides a remarkable opportunity to bring your group together, inspiring them in an environment of fresh air, exquisite views of Camelback Mountain, and peacefulness.

El Palacio is the direct opposite of uninteresting meetings in a windowless ballroom. We will handle all of the details for you and include anything you desire from luxury lodgings, epicurean healthy cuisine, private experiences and so much more.

An Exquisite Property Rich with History

El Palacio Arizona is a unique luxury property with a very interesting history.  This mansion has been considered an “exclusive private estate and retreat home for the most affluent guests” of an adjacent world-renowned resort. El Palacio has hosted film makers, high profile individuals, politicians, the sitting President of the United States, and many celebrities.

Use the retreat to develop and defeat your perfect competitor

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Chauffered Transportation

Creative Culinary Chefs

World Class Facilities

Amazing Activities

1st Class Ammenities

Stunning Views of Camelback Mountain

Close to the most popular Golf Courses

Client Centric Conceierge Services

We are excited to create a specifically tailored program just for your company.

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