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Haute Dokimazo is an award-winning participant-driven way of meeting, sharing and learning.  Through thoughtful collaboration design, “HD” fosters a peer-to-peer environment in an unconference format. Haute Dokimazo is an award-winning participant-driven way of meeting, sharing and learning. Through thoughtful collaboration design, “HD” fosters a peer-to-peer environment in an unconference format.

The Welcome Attack

We believe that the registration experience is pivotal to setting the tone for your entire event. Why not use those first impressions for good instead of evil? Actually WELCOME your attendees and introduce them to other attendees?

Starting with an energetic hug or handshake, our signature Welcome Attack is how we kick off the event right and wow attendees right from the start.

The Crowdsourcing

Unconferences are not new. The format has been around since the 80s. We love the physical engagement that writing topic ideas and sessions suggestions on large sticky notes brings to the event.

The energy of the chaos and the excitement of co-creating brings the magic to a Haute Dokimazo event. We then create an agenda and assign facilitators from the crowdsourcing exercise

The Retrospective

Ever leave an event wishing that you could have told the organizers what you loved and what you wish they’d change?

We end every Haute Dokimazo with a retrospective where we give participants the opportunity to share (publicly at a microphone) what they loved about their experience, and what we should fix. We capture this feedback live and projected.

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