Don’t get fearful of this “inspired control” because that’s what our team will help you with! Create a space that reveals your distinctive style and taste by collaborating with a staff that will direct you along the way to bring your concept to life.

Unsetting The Traditional

Have in mind, with any event venue, tables, chairs, specialty linens, décor, and floral are all things you can decide on. From textures, colors to lighting to style and design, organizing your experience at a “blank slate” event venue is not uncommon than preparing your event at other event venues. In point, it could be easier to build your one-of-a-kind concept without the pressure of permanent décor. This provides you the capability to really consider outside of the box! So, with a “blank slate” just go for it?! Why not take benefit of the occasion to make our hangars your own.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues makes the ability to take a blank slate and make it something amazing, unique and memorable. We are seeing more events take giant steps into progressive locations, and it is working like a charm to engage and amuse guests.

Scottsdale Hangar Parties appeals both to groups who have held many events in Scottsdale and are looking for something unusual, and to those who want large spaces close to but not in the thick of the chaos of the Old Town. But the thing that is most unusual and appealing about the space is its ability to be transformed. As opposed to a typical venue, our hangar walls are all white or gray, perfect for Pixel Mapping, Gobo projections, and special effects lighting. You don’t even need to rent a screen: you can project directly on the walls, giving you many options for more imaginative room sets. Our floors are all neutral — no decorative, brightly colored floor covering.

Scottsdale’s leading destination for any private event, ideal for those looking for the essential alternative experience. What makes Scottsdale Hangar Parties unlike any other event is the setting.

We look forward to welcoming you to Scottsdale for your next corporate event 602.296.8000!