Game Changer Hangar

This 3000’ hangar is a piece of history and very eclectic. The best view at the airpark.

If you have an event here you may see a proto type of history! Inventor Adam OFounder and CEO of Game Changer Feet

Game Changer is another great division from Inventor Adam O, founder and Chief Executive Officer. The Super Hero line of custom designed Blades for children, gives vertical compliance and efficient energy return.  Must haves for highly active children who love to run.

If you are a bicycle rider, firearms expert, motocrosser, automotive enthusiast, law enforcement officer, military personnel, medical patient or provider, there is a good chance you have used, enjoyed and valued the simplicity, efficiency, convenience, comfort and “look” of his products…you just didn’t know who to thank for making your life easier.

Over the course of the last twenty years Inventor Adam O has manufactured patented technology for companies such as Rock Shox, Cannondale Bicycle Corporation, United States Manufacturing Company (USMC), and McMillan Bros. Rifle Company.

In addition, Inventor Adam O was recruited as a design consultant for classified projects for Boeing, Simula Corp., Fox Racing, Flex-Foot Inc., Freedom Innovations, and USMC.

Adam O. A big-hearted, extraordinarily gifted, cutting-edge inventor, visionary, and philanthropist. Who simple Loves helping people. Adam O. is Founder, CEO of Adam O. Design, headquartered in both AZ and Los Angeles, CA. Adam O Design has launched the prosthetic foot that is going to revolutionize the prosthetic industry. With patented material that was used for the Apache helicopter blades, the ShoxStar is unsurpassed in comfort and functionality. Users have expressed more comfort, less pain and stress in their joints and an overall better quality of life. With 3 models on the market and a children’s line in development, Adam O Design is positioning itself to impact amputees on a global scale.

  • We are not GAME CHANGER’S for nothing.
  • Our Company Motto is ~  “BUY ONE, GIFT ONE” Share the Love…
  • When an amputee is fitted with any of our Game Changer Feet, we will automatically donate a foot to an amputee or charity in need.

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