Looking for a place to shoot a commercial or a model shoot?

We have a unique ramp, hangars, offices and aircraft you can film in and these spaces would be ideal for major motion pictures, television series, commercials, and music videos. Are you unable to find a soundstage big enough to accommodate the new product?

Unique, Diverse and dynamic spaces

Its all about the size and basically just need a huge space. Our vast open spaces, 5,000 sq. ft. to 45,000, can easily accommodate a full film set or TV studio including green screens, camera crew and lighting. With high ceilings, SPEV has the perfect, flexible options for your next production.

A growing number of feature films have been shot in hangars that once housed aircraft. Film promoters shooting commercials consider these hangars — as much as 10 times the size some of Hollywood’s largest soundstages. Interested in filming your next movie, television show or commercial with us?

Maximize your budget and forget the headaches

Our Hangars have accommodated several production companies for both television and major films, advertising shoots, Brand Launches, and music videos. We as well have held photo shoots for fashion, auto launches and numerous media articles. The readiness of hangars for film work fluctuates according to hangar activity, but short, day or two shoots can almost always be obliged without too much difficulty.

Hangars commonly have sufficient power for extensive lighting and can be safe and used wholly by the production companies with full privacy. Celebrities are easily housed overnight as Scottsdale is home to the most beautiful resorts in the country. Private VIP Jet Service as well always available.

We can, of course, facilitate the use of all types of aircraft and helicopters if part of the calculation.

Conveniently located close to major freeways

Ideal location for film, television, commercial shoots, and print advertising. Open ramp areas, hangars, and vacant land to meet a variety of location needs.

Location scouts, movie crews and media agencies will find an extensive range of nearby fabulous 5 star resorts and restaurants for added opportuneness. The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa and all of its shops and restaurants at Kierland Commons are within walking distance

Our clients include Film Studios, Advertising Agencies, Production Companies, Entertainment Companies as well as Confidential clients who seek that rare experience.


Aircraft hangars featuring all the facilities you would need for shooting, including a fully functional kitchen and reception area. Available to hire by the half day, full day or week, we can cater for small independent filmmakers as well as established crews.

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