Scottsdale Private Event Venues and Scottsdale Hangar Parties offer complete venue & event coordination with one connection IN OUR OWN UNIQUE PRIVATE VENUES. We know one size doesn’t fit all for Scottsdale Corporate Events. Discover our amenities and learn more about how we can work together to produce the perfect event. Long after the event is over people remember the experience.

Are you using your corporate events to lay out the company’s strategies for the year ahead? Whereas broadcasting information to clienteles and teams was once a primary objective for in-person meetings, it now makes no sense to waste your meeting doing something that is more speedily, easily, and effectively done sourcing today’s readily available—and affordable—communication technologies. Instead, use your corporate events to motivate employees and reach customers.Our event portfolio is unlimited having worked with numerous national brands and celebrities over many years in the event industry.  From our professional staff to all the services that are managed under our umbrella, our turn-key operation is second to none. Using our collaborative approach to event design, we can ensure your event reflects your vision, brand, style and whatever you have in mind.
Places that were once seen as too cold, dark and unfinished for weddings and events – are now being thought of as hip cool, urban and trendy. It is not that astonishing that event trends get their cues from architecture, creative design and truthfully fashion week; however, it is a bit staggering just how far behind the event industry is on some of these trends. However, as millennials continue to push the limit on old traditions, and look at their events as an opportunity to reflect their unique personality, hopefully we’ll see the industry start to catch on.
Personalities of Industrial Spaces:
  • Exposed Brick Walls
  • Exposed ceiling structure and systems
  • Large doors and Windows
  • Concrete, Epoxy or Wood Floors
  • Open Floor Plans no obstructions
  • High  Ceilings
  • History of Industrial Era Factory

Your extraordinary event experience begins here.

They know their business inside and out! “Venues of North Scottsdale’s team is one of the most high-energy, bright, competent groups I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with in this industry. They know their business inside and out and are a delight to work with. They have the ability to take full responsibility for a project and really get things done when that is necessary, but also know when key decisions really need to be brought back to the client. I appreciate having their knowledge and expertise in my court during the planning times. I would recommend Venues of North Scottsdale wholeheartedly to others who are planning events and meetings. They are top notch.”

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