Unexpected experiences inside an exclusive private facility dedicated to America’s love of Cars

Get “Revved up” at Vehicle Vault Scottsdale we’re here to inspire you

At any event, the atmosphere is of the utmost importance. As you can see, no matter what kind of event you want to plan, we have the perfect venue ready for you. Great events start with a great plan, so we have amassed our experiences of throwing impressive theme parties into a step-by-step technique of party success complete with thorough preparation, inventive decor ideas, tempting foods, innovative signature drink recommendations, unique talent and event planning inspiration. Vehicle Vault has some distinct features that help place it among the city’s leading venues. Professional event planners are eager to provide personal service and attention that cater to your individual style.



Allow us to help design an epic event every one will commit to memory

Whether it’s a corporate professional event, meeting, product launch, or holiday party, The Vehicle Vault is the seamless departure from typical resort ballrooms or event halls. Our large, flexible venue accommodates a wide range of design formats and offers full a/v services, valet parking and a 50’s diner.

Cars are like clothing. Life would go on without them, but it wouldn’t be the same.

Our veteran team of event professionals will listen to your wishes, assess the logistical challenges, and guide you through every phase of planning your event. One walk through The Vehicle Vault and you’ll be excited to start planning your event with our experienced event planners. Convenient location in the heart of Scottsdale Airpark with easy access to freeways, airports, and hotels.

An impressive array of service options and preferred caterers

The Vehicle Vault space has a vintage feel surrounded by our primary automobile collection. Knowing about Classic Cars is one thing, seeing them in the flesh is another, so if you’re developing a product launch, corporate summit or brand experience, new car reveals check out Vehicle Vault Scottsdale. A more intimate and exclusive vibe where you can focus instead on impressing a select few.

Vehicle Vault this prestigious venue will leave your guests spellbound and in awe of its surroundings, providing you with the wow factor every event needs. Enter through our 50s diner, red vinyl barstools, ice cream counter, coca cola fountain, and an old jukebox.  Vehicle Vault is a gallery -quality venue that showcases a mind-blowing collection of timeless American cars, original 1940’s gas pumps. The unique venue is sure to accelerate extra interest and fun to any type of event.

It provides a memorable backdrop for wedding ceremonies, offers a relaxing viewing space for bar/bat mitzvah montages, and serves as an ideal setting for corporate and not-for-profit presentations, lectures, forums, and kick-off parties. Plan your next not-for-profit function, large or small, at an extraordinary venue where skilled event management is poised to make planning effortless.

  • New model launch
  •  Company Incentive Parties
  • Road Rally   Poker Runs
  • Employee training session for a car dealership
  • Ride and Drives
  • Sales Events   Awards Galas
  • VIP Events
  • Concerts
  • Product displays
  • Unveiling of a new luxury model for a car brand
  • Vehicle showcase
  • Trade Show
  • Car or motorcycle convention
  • Classic car show
  • Automotive Training
  • Super Cars
  • Cars without limits
WHY IS IT COOL? Long gone are the days of stuffy meetings, uninspiring conferences, and generic events. At SPEV we believe that environments impact on attitude, enthusiasm, and inspiration, that is why our venues offer more than just four walls and a roof. They are a taste of Scottsdale’s rich history and provide the ideal setting for both business and entertaining. Visually, unique venues stand out from the crowd, and the range of our venues are characteristic of Scottsdale. An event hosted in a remarkable venue creates an appreciation of opportunity; bringing enjoyment and appeal

Air Conditioned

10,000+ Event Floor with large outdoor space

Drive-In Theatre 22′ Movie Screen with projector

Fabulous storefront facades and red brick walls

Crazy classic car collection not open to the public

PA and sound system with Mic

Close to all Scottsdale Resorts

We look forward to welcoming you to Scottsdale for your next corporate event 602.296.8000!