Together we’ll forever change the private Scottsdale Corporate Event Venues.

Below is a list of current positions we have open at the Venues of North Scottsdale

















































































































































































































ehouse Manager 




































































































































































e Eve


nt Intern

Are yo

u looking for ev

ent planning internships? Even in the digital age, face-to-face interaction is an important part of doing business. Events and meetings give people the chanc


e to network, build trust, lear

n, and

be entertained.

Description: Under the direction of the Vice President of Sales and Mark


the intern will observe and a





with v

arious projects.

General responsibilities may include: · Assisting with the planning and coordination of meetings and events · As






































with the creation of hard and soft copy files · Assisting in comm

unications around event management including BEOs, timelines, calendars, reports, diagrams · Assisting with onsite event management (event steward), and se






ific responsibilities: · Assisting with special events sales process · Observing client intake and event logistics · Assist

ing in

on-site event execution to include set up, break-down and AV support · Assisting with the development and maintenance of mailing, media and guest

s lists

· Assisting in providing customer service to all of our v

enue clients·


n will gain and/or improve upon his or her: · General



ion skills · Understanding of inner workings of company · Understanding and knowledge of executing Event Orders · Planning Meetings · Client intake proced

ures and exceeding client expectations ·














































tical S

upport of Special Events · Catering operating procedures and event execution · Ability to work in a fast-paced, mission-driven organization

· Understanding of special events and hospitality industry ·














































































































Social Media Skills a must!!! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website,