From the world’s leading brands to elite individuals. We are the No.1 choice for today’s most discerning clients seeking an exceptional, personalized, end-to-end event planning service in our own venue’s. We will assist you to create a commanding story and awe-inspiring Scottsdale corporate event. An experience that mesmerizes your audience and provides you with quantifiable results.

Our process is constructed to plan and promote your event. VNS, a world-class production company, is a trailblazer in translating customer objectives into durable, unforgettable, brand experiences. Devised to bridge the gap between planners and venue’s, VNS offers a spot-on, single-source resolution from theory to implementation. Passionate about perfection, VNS has thrust to the pinnacle of their field through original purpose, impeccable execution, and an unmatched client familiarity. 

Venues of North Scottsdale are known as one of Arizona’s premier venues for charity, corporate and private events. The dramatic ceilings vault to an impressive 30-40-feet at the center, providing an steel truss over our epoxy or cement floors.
The 35,000 square foot hangar is one of the biggest and most versatile venues in Scottsdale, making it uniquely suited for events as diverse as concerts, retail sales, awards shows, trade shows and gala dinners. Dressing, production and conference rooms are available. Exterior areas for tenting, parking and support facilities total over 397,000 square feet and 19 styles of hangars. 10 acre Sonoran Ranch and a Luxe Showroom with 30′ ceiling all easy freeway access from all over the Scottsdale area.
The VNS Hangars plays host to some of the most exclusive events in North Scottsdale ! The venues are a unique space where clients are limited only by their imagination.Before anything else, the venue truly sets the tone for the type of event you’re throwing. Be it otherworldly, ethereal, old-school or modern. And, while spectacular decor is a tremendous component to any remarkable celebration, sometimes the venue just speaks for itself. We are exceptionally proud of our brilliant team at Venues of North Scottsdale. They work round the clock to produce your picture-perfect event. If you’re just looking for venue installation, feast your eyes on our wide range of prestigious locations across Scottsdale. And if it’s a ingenuous, stress-free event if you’re looking for, talk to us about handling your whole event. We provide the whole kit and caboodle from caterers and performers to linens and production
We’re talking about unique, one-of-a-kind spaces that instantaneously transport guests to another time or place the moment they walk through the door. Whether you’re planning an amazing incentive event, a let your hair loose offsite party, business meeting, awards gala, wedding reception, anniversary or team building, the right venue will set the tone for your next Scottsdale Arizona corporate event.
With experiential events at the core of purposeful marketing today, creativity from concept to execution is paramount to program success. Choosing from one of our privately owned 21 unique venues is the first step in the planning process and the perfect solution for corporate events.
If you are seeking privacy and maximum personalization we are an unparalleled experience located in North Scottsdale Arizona.  Located in the heart of the city’s business area and in close proximity to the Phoenix and Scottsdale Metro area. Hangars range from 3500 to 60,000 square feet and have looks from urban to flawlessly finished with many amenities not generally located in this kind of venue. EL SAMARITANO EQUESTRIAN RANCH is on 20 acres covered area is over 29,000′.

Connecting unique event spaces with professional event planning and production solutions, this is what Venues of North Scottsdale is about.

12794799_242380809430806_8120463271019971003_oVenues of North Scottsdale offers an all- inclusive event planning experience with unique spaces of all sizes.  Unlike other venues in Scottsdale, we can accommodate groups as large as 3,000 participants at several of our locations.   For intimate gatherings choose from our smaller sites including mini airport hangars, private clubs or chef’s service on the tarmac of one of our runways.
We as well offer all venues as Dry Hire, meaning you can bring your own team. At night, our hangars become “private event-only” venues. Our event  specialists and chefs will entertain with epicurean proportions so great sharing is easy. Enjoy jaw dropping, taste bud tantalizing, sensory overloads we’ve served up. So indulge us with your next exclusive event at Venues of North Scottsdale. Multiple venue’s that accommodates every detail from the décor to more.

Plan your next corporate event with us because it’s more then a day on the calendar! 

We deliver five star treatment in our private venues with each event carefully crafted and one of a kind. We tell your story your attendees take the message home.

oOnce you have selected your venue from our collection, ( choose from 21)  the Venues of North Scottsdale’s extraordinary team of seasoned event professionals will collaborate with your group to design an experience like none other. World-class catering, audio visual solutions, dynamic furniture, décor, entertainment and event managers to take care of the details are all part of the package.
VNS builds exceptional experiences from the ground up. Unique Venues For Planners Who are Ready for Something different. The flexibility of the our spaces provide for a blank canvas for your imaginative occasion planning, so you can alter this space to fit nearly any style of Scottsdale corporate event. Call us today to see how our Scottsdale hangars, luxury showroom  or equestrian ranch can serve as your next fabulous event. An exceptional experience every time.

Our exclusive private venues provide the ideal backdrop for unforgettable Scottsdale corporate events.

Events at unique venues top the charts for group experiences after all, if it’s not astonishing, it’s invisible, our day is not over until we made yours unforgettable! 

Corporate events are ever more drawn to unique sites that offer both privacy and maximum personalization. Including an event experience in a memorable locale guarantees long lasting positive association to your program.  There is nothing more exciting than being whisked away to a private venue… until you walk through the entrance and see how impactful a meticulously crafted event can be!
The privacy factor is unquestionably a big draw as well—in a private exclusive venue you can have the location all to yourself. Our exceptional corporate event venue’s distinctive desert setting and surroundings makes it a one of kind experience. We are located on private land and are opportunely located only a quick drive from all of the valley’s fabulous resorts.
Scottsdale is not only the most visited city in the Southwest, it is also one of the most dynamic cities on the planet. From its fabulous parks, museums, scenic drives and hiking trails to its world-class dining, shopping, entertainment and hotels, Scottsdale has everything you and your guests could enjoy—including our special event venues.Our impactful events create lasting memories.

We look forward to welcoming you to Scottsdale for your next corporate event!